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It’s common to feel anxious about going to the dentist, but with the latest improvements in dental technology, there’s no need. At Happy Smile in Lincoln, Rhode Island, Jong Hoon Park, DMD offers VibraJect® painless injections for every procedure that requires numbing. If fear of needles keeps you from seeing the dentist, put your nerves at ease by calling or clicking online to schedule an appointment at Happy Smile.

Painless Injection Q & A

What are painless injections?

If you’ve ever had dental work done, you’re probably familiar with the large needle that typically delivers local anesthesia to the treatment site. While the numbness that follows is essential during a procedure, the old way of administering injections may have been painful, and even scary.

Dr. Park wants you to enjoy your visits to Happy Smile, which is why he strives to create the most comfortable experience possible. He uses VibraJect painless injections to eliminate any pain, or fear of pain, you may have previously associated with dental work.

How does VibraJect work?

VibraJect painless injections operate on the gate control theory of nerve function: Your nerves can’t respond to more than one sensation simultaneously.

The revolutionary VibraJect system takes advantage of the gate control theory by producing a mild vibrating sensation that distracts your nerve endings. This vibration helps to override any pain signals while Dr. Park administers the injection. Because of the way your body perceives sensation, all you feel is mild vibration.

What are the benefits of painless injections?

Pain is the most common cause of fear of needles. Research published in the International Journal of Medical and Dental Sciences shows that VibraJect significantly reduced pain both during needle insertion and the delivery of local anesthesia compared to conventional dental injections.

Dr. Park aims to eliminate feelings of fear and apprehension you may have about getting dental work that can drastically improve your overall health. Doing so promotes good oral health and develops a trusting relationship between you and Dr. Park.

What dental procedures can painless injections help with?

Dr. Park uses painless injections for every procedure that requires numbing, including:

  • Crowns and bridges
  • Extractions
  • Fillings
  • Root canals
  • Veneers

What should I expect from a VibraJect painless injection?

Typically, VibraJect injections are painless enough that you don’t even need a topical anesthetic to numb the injection site first. However, Dr. Park may apply one to maximize your comfort.

When he delivers the injection, you feel a mild vibrating sensation. This sensation overrides your body’s perception of pain while he inserts the needle and injects the medicine. For expert dental work without the pain, call Happy Smile or book an appointment online today.